My Defender

thJob 19:25, I know that there is someone to defend me and that he lives! And in the end, he will stand here on earth and defend me.

We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, and it is He who defends us when we’re unjustly accused. Job had ‘friends’ who tried to figure out why all the bad things happened to him. They each had their opinion and freely gave it. Job must have been very weary of hearing them go on and on and on as they each tried to analyze why God would put such a curse on him and take away everything he had. But we know the WHOLE story, don’t we. It wasn’t God who did it at all, He merely lifted the hedge that was placed around Job so that Satan had access to everything he had.

Let’s face it, we’ve all either had friends like that, or have been a friend like that. Sometimes people just need someone to hug them, hold them, sit with them, make them laugh, help them cry, or just be a distraction. Talking about the problem all the time only makes it amplified, larger then it needs to be for sure. I’m sure Job didn’t need a reminder; he was wearing it in the form of boils. Those painful, horrible, oozing boils. And that was only the exterior pain he felt. Remember, he lost his children, his marriage, his livelihood, all in a New York minute.

“I know that there is someone to defend me and that he lives! And in the end, he will stand here on earth and defend me.” Job was proclaiming that in spite of all that had happened, all he was being accused of, God still lived and would defend him. When you read the final chapter, you realize that’s exactly what God did. He defended Job. He chastised him a little, but He defended him and then, HE BLESSED HIM. Gave him double for his trouble. Turned his losses to gains. Healed, saved, delivered and left him with more then he had. Wow!

Thank you Father that regardless of what I go through in life, all my losses you will turn to gains and all my sorrow you will turn to joy. I will keep my eyes on your faithfulness and remain thankful for grace and mercy. Regardless of what man says, I will only listen to you. How I love you. You fill me up with peace that passes understanding, you never lose sight of me. Everything that concerns me, you’ve already made provision for. I’m thankful that you defend me day and night against the words of my enemies. It’s in Jesus’ name I give you praise. Amen

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