Come Dream With Me


Genesis 17:1-2 ERV; When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him. He said, “I am God All-Powerful. Obey me and live the right way.  If you do this, I will prepare an agreement between us. I will promise to make your people a great nation.”

All he wanted was a son from Sarah, his wife, the love of his life. For so long they had dreamed about it, talked about it, were desperate enough to get a surrogate to have one for her.  I’m sure that if they heard about a ‘cure’, they tried it. But have you ever looked barrenness in the face? She brings with her a whole slew of friends; hopelessness, envy, bitterness, blame and shame. Why did God wait so long? Why? If it’s impossible, it’s God’s time to step in and make a miracle.

Listen to what happens next in verses 3-8; Then Abram bowed down before God. God said to him,  “This is my part of our agreement: I will make you the father of many nations.  I will change your name from Abram to Abraham, because I am making you the father of many nations.  I will give you many descendants. New nations and kings will come from you.  And I will prepare an agreement between me and you. This agreement will also be for all your descendants. It will continue forever. I will be your God and the God of all your descendants.  And I will give this land to you and to all your descendants. I will give you the land you are traveling through—the land of Canaan. I will give you this land forever, and I will be your God.”

What I saw here this morning is this, Abraham’s dream was for one son, but when God got involved, He expanded the dream to a multitude and nations. Do you see that? Read what Abraham was thinking and what God was meaning; God said to Abraham, “I will give Sarai, your wife, a new name. Her new name will be Sarah.  I will bless her. I will give her a son, and you will be the father. She will be the mother of many new nations. Kings of nations will come from her.”

Abraham bowed his face to the ground to show he respected God. But he laughed and said to himself, “I am 100 years old. I cannot have a son, and Sarah is 90 years old. She cannot have a child.”

Then Abraham said to God, “I hope Ishmael will live and serve you.”

God said, “No, I said that your wife Sarah will have a son. You will name him Isaac. I will make my agreement with him that will continue forever with all his descendants.”

God didn’t even respond to his ‘impossible’ thinking. God was causing Abraham to stir up his dream, to let Him get involved in the process. Why, because nothing is impossible with God. Age isn’t a factor! Economic status isn’t a factor! Your size isn’t a factor! When God says it, you can remove all fear, doubt and unbelief because it’s going to happen! In other words, your ‘impossible’ mindset will not keep God from accomplishing what He needs to do in the earth, so hang on tight and allow God to dream with you.

What impossible thing have you been dreaming about? Let God in to your dream. Let him lead and guide you to your next step. Let him in on the planning process. Open your heart and mind to Him and He will bring it to pass. It’s like driving a car. You may be sitting behind the wheel controlling the flow of gas, but it’s what’s IN the car that’s making it run. If the engine was missing, the car would not run, right? Yet we factor God out of our dreams and expect them to come to pass. With God, all things are possible.

Father, as I sit and think of the dreams I have, and the many times I’ve laughed inside, but the how and the when are not what I should concern myself with. You simply want me to believe, not in my ability but in yours. I hear you say, “Come and dream with me, child. Let me fill you with wonder and delight. Let me take you to a new place of trust and confidence in Me and what I’m able to do with your dream. When you trust in Me, I will bring it to pass. I will take your small dream and make it very large, for as you stated, nothing is impossible with Me.” I’m dreaming, Father. Dreaming of what we will accomplish together on the earth. You said it. I believe it. That settles it! In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen

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