Expect the Unexpected

th Isaiah 42:18-19 ERV; So don’t remember what happened in earlier times. Don’t think about what happened a long time ago,  because I am doing something new! Now you will grow like a new plant. Surely you know this is true. I will even make a road in the desert, and rivers will flow through that dry land.

I was talking to a friend once, telling them that what God was going to do wouldn’t look anything like what had been done before. This wouldn’t be a reflection of old things, but it would be new and different. They responded that they didn’t know anything else but the old ways. My friends, it’s time we stopped limiting God with our thinking and allow Him to do a ‘new’ thing. God doesn’t repeat himself! Look at all the miracles in the old and new testament. Not one of them are alike! The God we serve is full of new things, new ideas and new miracles.

Even Jesus didn’t heal each person the same way, so why would we expect the same? When I think of God, I see a creator. He made trillions of planets and not one of them is the same. Each snowflake that falls is a unique pattern, each one of us is different, why would God use a cookie cutter for our miracle? He won’t! He wants us to constantly be in awe of Him and His ways. He doesn’t want us to get hung up on the method or the means, He wants us to just seek His face, call out to Him, love on Him and learn of Him.

Each time we discover a new aspect of Him, we should be excited and rejoice. We will never know Him in all His glory, there just isn’t enough time in our lives to do that, but we can discover that His mercies are new every morning. We can know His grace and mercy. We will discover Him has provider, protector and healer, but we’ll never see Him do it the same way twice.

Oh Father, I just get so excited when I think of You and the way You work. You are the master artist who never paints the same sunrise twice. You never tire of caring for us and showing the depths of Your love for us. “When I think of Your goodness and what You’ve done for me. When I think of Your goodness and how You set me free, I can dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance all night! All night!” Ha! Everyday is ‘party time’ with You. Every night, I lay my head in Your lap and rest. What a wonderful Father You are to me. Today, I will remember that You are doing a new thing! I won’t look for the old, I will expect the new. There is nothing too hard for You or impossible with You. I place my feet on the ground, taking territory for Your Kingdom. It’s in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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