Watch and Wait


Jesus is coming soon! That used to be the message of the church back when I was 15 but many of our young people have never heard those words. Churches have stopped preaching it for fear that the message would be too harsh and people would leave and seek other places to fellowship. I was reading this morning in Matthew 24:4-14 when Jesus himself told us what would proceed his return. 

Jesus answered, “Be careful! Don’t let anyone fool you. Many people will come and use my name. They will say, ‘I am the Messiah.’ And they will fool many people. You will hear about wars that are being fought. And you will hear stories about other wars beginning. But don’t be afraid. These things must happen before the end comes. Nations will fight against other nations. Kingdoms will fight against other kingdoms. There will be times when there is no food for people to eat. And there will be earthquakes in different places. These things are only the beginning of troubles, like the first pains of a woman giving birth.

“Then you will be arrested and handed over to be punished and killed. People all over the world will hate you because you believe in me. 10 During that time many believers will lose their faith. They will turn against each other and hate each other. 11 Many false prophets will come and cause many people to believe things that are wrong. 12 There will be so much more evil in the world that the love of most believers will grow cold. 13 But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. 14 And the Good News I have shared about God’s kingdom will be told throughout the world. It will be spread to every nation. Then the end will come.”

I don’t know about you, but I see this happening all around us today. It’s more evident than ever before, Jesus is coming! I’m not fearful or downhearted, I’m excited because soon I’ll be going home. Yes, thats right, home. This world is a place we live in temporarily but Jesus is preparing a place for us so that where he is, we can be also. I’m excited! There are signs all around us if we will open our eyes to see it. When Jesus left this earth, he sent us an instructor, a comforter to give us boldness to proclaim Jesus is Lord. He said to go make disciples, that means as we learn of Him, we are to teach others. He didn’t tell us to only let pastors do it or teachers do it, He said WE are to make disciples. We are to duplicate Jesus and be like him so that others will learn to be like him too. He’s coming back for a bride, one worthy of him. Let that be you!

Father, today more than ever, we watch for you to send your son for us. May you find us doing what you’ve said to do, not hiding under a rock, timid and afraid. You’ve given us great boldness, may we declare to those around us that you are indeed coming soon. We indeed possess a treasure in these earthen vessels, your Holy Spirit which leads us into all truth. “One day Jesus will call my name, as days go by I hope I don’t stay the same. I want to get so close to him that it’s no big change on that day when Jesus, calls my name.


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