Quickly and Unexpected

“I declared the former things long ago, And they went out of My mouth, and I proclaimed them. Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.” Isaiah 48:3 NASB2020

The word suddenly is defined as quickly and unexpected. There’s something to be said about the unexpected suddenlies of God.

Suddenlies are sweet because they’re unexpected and impressive. It’s when you realize you were on someone’s mind and they preplanned to delight in gifting you.

I recently had surgery, which put me off work for several weeks. I had no time to plan or save up for the time off work. I knew it wasn’t a surprise to God, though, and during my recovery, I rested in Gods provision. Suddenly, I received 2 $500 checks and enough grocery gift cards to provide food for the family while I was off.

Have you ever experienced such a lack that you cried unto God for a rescue. You sit to get directions and hear nothing. It’s OK, at the right moment when you’re trusting and have stopped stressing….suddenly, you see deliverance show up in an unexpected way.

My remnant friend, there is absolutely nothing in your life that God’s unaware of. From large to small, He’s aware of all. Stop limiting a limitless God. Lay your weary head on His lap and allow Him to restore your soul.

Nothing is out of His reach even when you can’t see it.

Sandy G


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