Off Kilter

For when the cords of death wrapped around me and torrents of destruction overwhelmed me, taking me to death’s door, in my distress I cried out to you, the delivering God, and from your temple-throne you heard my troubled cry, and my sobs went right into your heart. Psalm 18:4-6 TPT

The greatest joy always comes out of the deepest sorrow if we choose to sit with the Father and talk with Him. You may not understand this right now, but if you’ve ever experienced true sorrow and gained His perspective, it really does give you unspeakable joy.

When my mom passed away last fall, I was grieved. Even though she was 90, I felt the world was cheated for all she could have shared of her faith and leaning on His arms through her amazing life. I cried on the way home and asked the Lord to show me the reason. Here’s what He said to me; “Because she asked me. She wanted to come home to sit at my feet and worship. Would you expect me to do anything less for those who have served me their whole lives? I welcomed her, wrapped her in my arms and told her, well done my good and faithful servant. Enter into my joy and let my peace envelope you.”

The only thing needed to make the transition is time and focus. Jesus’s death in itself brought deep sorrow, but when He came out of the tomb-what joy for what He accomplished for us. It is still a source of true joy today.

Keep your focus on the end, it makes your journey much sweeter.

Sandy G

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