Presence or Provision

Let all the poor and broken eat until satisfied. Bring Yahweh praise and you will find him. May your hearts overflow with life forever! Psalm 22:26 TPT

Are you chasing after God for His presence or His provision? It’s not a trick question, it’s a soul searching one. When you come before the Lord, are you always asking for something or laying down everything at His feet just to be with Him?

I have found that when I spend time in God’s presence, I’m satisfied. If I come hungry, He feeds me from His table and I leave full. When I worship Him, He lavishes His love on me until my heart is overwhelmed with joy.

Like a warm fire on a cold night, I want to sit in His peace and warm myself. I won’t relent until I have what I need, His attention with my worship. I am special to Him so I will wait in this place until the breath of His Spirit blows upon me and thrills my soul.

Breathe on me, Lord. Blow away all the worry and cares, the stress and distractions, everything and anything that keeps me from You. It’s all I need. Without it, I may as well call off work and climb back into bed because I know my day will fall apart without You in it.

Sandy G


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