Abandon every display of selfishness. Possess a greater concern for what matters to others instead of your own interests. Philippians 2:4 TPT

My sister recently sent me a teaching on selfishness. I could have been offended if we hadn’t been having a conversation about it’s relationship to pride and it’s blatant symptoms of lack of trust in God’s covenant with us. After I listened to it, I asked God to show me my heart and see if I harbor any selfishness.

Let me give you a tiny warning; if you ask, He will show you. Be prepared to hear, “Cleanup on aisle 4!” as the glass jars fall to the floor. You’ll be appalled, especially when you see what those jars contained.

I started looking at the life of Christ and guess what I saw…..selflessness. He was all about doing the will of the Father who sent Him. I started by asking myself, am I selfless? I cannot lie, especially to God, so my answer was no. Jesus lived and breathed Love. He gave way past my point of exhaustion. He chose to see through the eyes of His Father regardless of His own opinion or feelings.

Oh I’ve done some good things and maybe that will outweigh the bad, but if we’re talking about abandoning every display of selfishness, I’ve got work to do. Being more concerned for others instead of my own interests, I think I’ve labeled that one, self preservation, which is merely another word for selfishness.

Well now, Jesus did step away from the crowds once in awhile, but it was to commune with the Father, not just to rest. He discovered that spending time with God renewed His strength, and knowing He was doing the will of God kept Him grounded. You see we were never meant to do life for ourselves. When we surrendered our lives to Him, it was so that He could work in and through us, to will and to do His good pleasure, not our own.

So my prayer today; Help me to be more aware of others and less aware of me. May my blog never be a rant of a vent, but rather may it draw others to a deeper relationship with You. May my life be a laid down life, placing Your desires above my own. It’s in Jesus’ name and for Your glory. Amen

Sandy G


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