Beautiful Dancer

Come back! Return to us, O maiden of his majesty. Dance for us as we gaze upon your beauty. Why would you seek a mere Shulamite like me? Why would you want to see my dance of love? Because you dance so gracefully, as though you danced with angels! Song of Songs 6:13 TPT

Anyone who has ever seen me dance will say that graceful isn’t a word that describes me. But I look different in the eyes of Jesus. He sees me as a graceful dancer, And my husband can’t get enough looks at my beautiful face. So thankful He has always seen me so. He has mirrored the Love of Jesus to me for 47 years.

My dance is unto the Lord this morning. When I close my eyes and stand in His throne room, surrounded by angels, glowing in my garment of white shimmering silk, I lose myself in His presence. I’m surrounded by His glory and move with the beat of angel wings.

He delights in my praises. I hear His voice as I move toward Him, “Come closer, my bride. Let me touch you in your place of pain and turmoil. Let me be all you need and more. See My provision arriving on mighty horses and chariots. Even the camels are loaded with things you’ve asked for long ago. I’ve heard and it’s coming. Dance for me, for you cause my heart to be filled with joy.”

Dear Lord, speedily heal my sister’s and brother’s that they may minister out of victory, not hurt. Give them beauty for ashes and joy for their heaviness. Cause sorrow and mourning to flee away. May Your presence bring them everything they need in every area of their life. Change them from glory to glory until they are forever moving to Your music.

In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

Sandy G


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