And I Wait

In the morning, O LORD, hear my voice. In the morning I lay my needs in front of you, and I wait. Psalm 5:3 GW

When I read this verse, I thought of the past few weeks when I did just this. I had a need, a desperate need, and I came before the Lord just as David did. I lay it all down in front of Him for the sake of His covenant promises that He made with me. His Words, not mine. Promises of provision, of healing, of help in time of trouble.

And I waited. Trying not to pick up those needs I had placed in front of Him. It’s what I typically do though. If I don’t see God moving fast enough, I try to figure out what I can do. Do you do that?

But those who allow the process to work itself out, those who trust in the Lord with their whole heart and don’t lean on their own wisdom, but acknowledge that He is well able to keep what is committed to Him, those are the ones He rewards.

You don’t need to look for another job, just look to Him. If He wants to bless you with a better job, He will lead you down that path. Just trust Him.

You don’t need to constantly wonder how He’s going to do it, letting those scenarios constantly loop through your mind. Place them there before Him and wait.

Don’t just wait drumming your fingers on the table. Don’t just wait stressing and worrying about what’s taking so long. Worship while waiting. Exalt Him as the God He is, ever faithful, always watching over you, your children and your grandchildren. Tell Him you’re thankful for His always keeping His Word to you.

When the answer comes, it will be doubly good because you waited well.

Sandy G

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