A Place I Hide

But the Lord will be the Savior of all who love Him. Even in their time of trouble, God will live in them as strength. Because of their faith in Him, their daily portion will be a Father’s help and deliverance from evil. This is true for all who turn to hide themselves in Him! Psalm 37:39-40 TPT

I’m thankful that the Lord is my Savior. He is my strength in my time of weakness and in times of trouble, I can run and take refuge in Him.

When I feel I’m a target for the enemy and feel his arrows whizzing by my head, I can call out to God, “Father, hide me!” and just as quick as that, I feel myself being pulled aside in the shelter of a Rock, hidden from persistent pursuit of evil forces. I see them pass by, but they are no longer a threat to my safety and peace.

Turn aside today. Sit with Father and allow His arms to hold you in what you’re facing today. Whatever you need Him to be, He is. Healer. Provider. Deliverer. Strength. Help. Call out to Him, “Here I am, I need You to be that for me.”

He is.

Sandy G

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