Passion To Do

God will continually revitalize you, implanting within you the passion to do what pleases him.
Philippians 2:13 TPT

The dictionary describes the word, ‘revitalize’ as to give new life to, or to give one vitality or vigor. So when I read this verse, I see God has us on automatic renewal. We don’t have to ask for more life or energy to do what we need to do. It’s a given.

Not only that, but He implants in us the passion (any powerful emotion or feeling), to do what pleases Him. I don’t know about you, but I can’t manufacture that kind of passion! I don’t get up in the morning and presto chango, I’m jumping up and down for the opportunity to make a mark on the world.

No, I can’t ‘go into all the world and do Jesus’ until I’ve worshipped at His feet and felt His breath on the back of my neck, energizing me to go and do. I depend on it. I soak in it. I can’t do anything of lasting value without Him.

So this morning, stand before Him with your arms lifted high and say, thank you Lord for your perpetual presence, for without You, I cannot do today.

Sandy G

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