What Happens When We Cry Out?

“It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; And while they are still speaking, I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24

Don’t ever think for a moment that God doesn’t see you in your trouble and hear you when you call out to Him. He knows the exact amount of hairs on your head (even those who have a small count!). Over and over in His Word, we see how much God loves and cares for us, yet our thinking is always so far from Him, it’s on the problems we face.

After Jesus had fed the multitudes with some kids snack, and they had taken up 12 baskets of leftovers, Jesus told the disciples to get in the boat and go to the other side, He’d catch up with them later. So they get out in the middle of the lake and a storm came up and they look and see Jesus walking on the water.

OK, why were they freaked out by the storm? Jesus said to get in and go to the other side. If He had intended for the waves to take them, He wouldn’t have told them the end result, go to the other side! I submit to you, my friends, even the disciples who took up the 12 baskets of leftovers had their mind on the wrong things. Let’s get our mind off the waves and on to the 12 baskets of leftovers. Let’s tell of His great provision for every need we have.

Do you remember when we had nothing left in our cupboard and someone brought us 5 bags of groceries? If He did it then, He’ll do it now. He wants us talking of His goodness, not staring at our brokenness. Let’s not be like the Israelites who God did miracle after miracle to prove His mighty power to deliver, only to put up with a bunch of whiny, ungrateful people. They did not realize who they were; a holy and chosen people.

Let’s not forget who WE are and that our God hears our cry for help. Our God has heard and help is on the way!

Sandy G

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