The sinful people of Zion are trembling with fright. They say, “God’s judgment is like a fire that burns forever. Can any of us survive a fire like that?” You can survive if you say and do what is right. Don’t use your power to cheat the poor and don’t accept bribes. Don’t join with those who plan to commit murder or to do other evil things. Then you will be safe; you will be as secure as if in a strong fortress. You will have food to eat and water to drink.

This should be handed to every person running for Senate or Congress as a reminder of what God thinks those who use their power for evil and not good. Hey, I didn’t say it, God did, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Learning to do what is right in any situation or position in life that you hold, is often a challenge. Be it as a manager, owner, or even a mother or father, those are positions of leadership and power and we should not walk in those positions and treat those under our leadership poorly. It’s an honor to be those things, but only if you do right in that position.

With every admonition God gives, there is a flip side or a blessing. If you do evil, you’ll get this. If you do good, you’ll get this. Like most parents, we warn our children by telling them what will happen if they choose the wrong choice. Those lessons follow us through life and allow us to make right choices every day.

So in this case God says, “Then you will be safe; you will be as secure as if in a strong fortress. You will have food to eat and water to drink.” Those are not small things in the days and times we currently live in. Being safe. Having enough to eat and drink. You’ll see it happening around you but the Father has called you ‘SAFE’.

Join me in saying, “Thank You Lord, for saving my soul. Thank You Lord, for making me whole. Thank You Lord, for giving to me, Thy great salvation so rich and free.”

Sandy G

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