Not a Cookie Cutter Father

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27 NASB2020

We’ve all got the same Father but we each have a different and unique relationship with Him. Why is that? Because of our varied personalities and giftings.

My dad died when I was young but I’m not fatherless. That would have been the time I went to an alone place and learned to talk with my heavenly Father. Would I have taken that direction if my dad hadn’t died? I don’t know but God does. My mom modeled that to me. I saw her spend hours on her knees, crying out, grieving, pouring out her heart before her Father.

If she hadn’t been in that position, would she have married an evangelist/construction worker, stepped out in faith to move to Haiti, start an orphanage and a clinic, raise 2 generations of children and sow into them as she did us? Doubtful. Others may have done it differently, but she did it out of conversations with her Father.

We each have experienced multiple seasons of stress, shifting and pain. Growth is accompanied with change. With that comes new coverings because what used to fit, doesn’t fit anymore. What fits me may not fit you. God has designed a specific garment for you to wear and He intends for you to wear it well.

I may be a mother, but I’m a different mother to each of my daughters because they are both different and have different needs. I can no more expect anything different from my heavenly Father, who knows me by name and loves me for who I am. God isn’t cookie cutter either. He will always be who I need Him to be for me.

Be happy with who you are and where you are, but don’t get so comfortable there that you won’t allow God to move you along to a new place in this new season. It’s not about you, your comfort or happiness. It’s about Him, His Kingdom and His plans. Just keep your eyes on Him and let Him lead you in the path He’s prepared for you.

Sandy G

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