Be Ready

There is no God except the Lord. There is no Rock except our God. God is the one who gives me strength. He clears the path I need to take. He makes my feet as steady as those of a deer. Even on steep mountains he keeps me from falling. He trains me for war so that my arms can bend the most powerful bow. Lord, you have given me your shield to protect me. You support me with your right hand. It is your help that has made me great. Psalm 18:31-35 ERV

Today I’d like to focus on the middle of these verses, “He trains me for war so that my arms can bend the most powerful bow.” I want to point out that to do that, takes training. Not a day, a week or a month, but years of self discipline.

I think sometimes we forget that our life experience becomes our training ground so that we are able to do what God has purposed and planned out for us. David was a warrior, but also a king. He fought so many wars and led so many battles that God wouldn’t allow him to build a temple for Him. Remember? He had David’s son, Solomon do that.

What does that mean for us? It means that although we may desire to do something, that may not be what God has proposed for us to do. He trains us in things that we’re not even aware of until the time comes for us to do a specific thing. Davids training began as a shepherd, killing lions and bears, protecting and leading sheep, so that one day he could lead men and slay his enemies.

What have you gone through that was hard at the time and you never wanted to go through it again? What did it do to your faith? Allow God to continue developing you in that area so that you will be ready to do what He sets in your path to do. Be ready.

Sandy G

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