Thanks Mom

This morning and every morning I’m thankful for the sacrifice of my mom. She tilled the soil of our heart and planted good seed in it daily. I know from talking with other friends that the home I was raised in, though not perfect, was indeed rare.

She read bible stories to us, missionary stories, never tired of our questions. She had us in church 3 times a week and in between if there was anything else going on.

When my dad died and we began to wander away from God, I would hear her from behind her closed bedroom door, praying and crying out to God. She never stopped!

She never doubted that if God began a good work, and she was faithful to water and tend it, He would be faithful to complete it. Even if it took a lifetime, she knew His Word would never return to Him empty but would finish what He started in us.

Moms mind is a little bit befuddled right now. It makes my heart sad to see her so. But I still see her sowing those seeds into the hearts of so many. Teaching Sunday school, playing the piano because there was no one else to do it. Singing with my dad and later with my step-dad. Ministering hugs and a listening ear.

Here’s what I’ve learned from her; Just keep sowing regardless if you ever see the outcome. It will not only change the life of the one you sow into, but the fruit of it will tasted for generations to come.

Happy Mothers Day Mom, I’m a life that was changed.

Sandy G

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