Keep Moving Forward

So don’t be impatient for Yahweh to act; keep moving forward steadily in his ways, and he will exalt you to possess the land. You’ll watch with your own eyes and see the wicked lose everything. Psalm 37:34

Now that’s a tough one to swallow. I’m not sure how you are in the patience category, but way down there on the tatum pole. The reward sounds great though, if we can just stay focused.

I was laying in bed trying to problem solve an unexpected need when I thought, well Sandy, if you can’t figure it out, perhaps you should put it in Gods hands. He seems to know a whole lot more than you do. He can figure it out.

So when I saw this verse, I realized that my job is to keep moving forward. Steadily in His ways, not my own. He sees things differently. His perspective has amazing clarity. That’s all I need to know. Keep moving. Focus on Him. Walk on, Gregory!

I have a bank account—He owns all the banks. I eat beef—He owns all the cattle. Perspective.

Who knew that a simple change of position, stepping behind and following instead of leading, would bring me to a place of receiving instead of striving.

Keep Moving,

Sandy G

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