I’m Rejoicing With You

Have you ever been in the middle of a situation that looked so impossible and had been going on for so long it consumed you? The pressure of people depending on you to feed them, provide for them. Add to that years of promises that hadn’t come to pass. Such was the state we find the King of Israel in after the Syrians had held the city captive for 7 years.

You’ll find the story in 2 Kings 7 how the people were so consumed how things were with themselves that they hadn’t even realized their enemies had fled. God used 4 unlikely lepers to pronounce freedom to the city and in one day everything that could change, overwhelmingly changed. One day you’re eating donkey heads, the next day filet minion.

Who does that? God! He, the master planner has a plan. Its such a big plan that your mind can’t wrap around it. It’s a plan that people will be talking about forever. Now if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

He’s the same God who delivered the 3 Hebrew children from the blazing furnace, the same God who sent His son, Jesus to buy us back so we could fellowship with Him. If He’d do it for them, He’ll do it for you.

For one tiny moment, get your eyes off your problem and worship the God who has your turnaround moment on His mind.

Rejoicing with you,

Sandy G

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