The Father Values You

and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it. Matthew 13:46

The Father values you. In spite of your actions, He values you. In spite of your decisions, He values you. In spite of your current stressful situation or what you think of yourself, He values you.

Your value has never been about what you feel, your value was stamped on you when God created you. I found this in the dictionary when I pulled up the word value; the worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some medium of exchange.

Jesus exchanged His life for yours because of the value you hold. Contained deep inside of you is something only you were designed to do for the Father. You can’t compare your worth to others because others have their own gift. Some of us are simple, some are complex. Some are born leaders, some are born to follow.

There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing missing or lacking in your life if Christ lives in you. The words of Paul come to mind; Christ in me, the hope of glory. He brings everything you need to do anything He asks of you. It’s simple trust that makes you a team.

Trust Him to be what you need to be.

Sandy G

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