Write it Down

The Lord answered me, “Write down what I show you. Write it clearly on a sign so that the message will be easy to read. Habakuk 2:2 ERV

Why do you think that writing something down is so important? It’s an argument not easily won in our household. I’m married to a list person. For as far back as I can remember, Walt has always walked around with a small spiral notebook and pen, tucked neatly in his shirt pocket. The fact is, if I bought him a new shirt and it didn’t have a front pocket in it, I had to return it for one that did.

That list thing, doesn’t work for everyone. I can make a list and forget where I put it. I can make a grocery list, take it to the store and forget to look at it. It takes more than making a list, it takes forming good habits as well. Walt created habits based on his need to remember multiple tasks because of his job.

Evidently God knew Habakuk well because He instructed him to write it clearly on a sign so the message would be easy to read. When God speaks to me, I think I’ll never forget it, but time and circumstances dictate otherwise.

I know based on God’s Word that He is my healer. But let sickness come and BAM! That Word is the last thing you think on. Why? Because a bad diagnosis screams loudly, much louder than the truth you know inside.

That is one of the reasons I believe it’s necessary to write it down so that I have it before my face when I need it. I don’t need to talk about it, I just need to know He is with me, taking me through it one step at a time.

Keeping it real,

Sandy G

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