Leave Room For God

Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there. Proverbs 16:9 TPT

Have you ever met someone who had their entire life planned out? I should rephrase that; Have you ever met someone who thought they had their entire life planned out? You can definitely make plans and everybody needs to have one, but how you get there may boggle your mind.

I remember attending a seminar one time where they had us grab a empty piece of paper and write down our goals. I sat there for some time thinking. You see, I’m a thinker, but sometimes thinking is not enough. Give me a problem and I’m pretty sure I can come pretty close to finding a solution if given the right amount of time and answers. But a goal?

I remember my high school guidance counselor asking what I wanted to be when I grew up? What? I have to grow up? My answer was that I wanted to be a wife and a mother, two of the greatest callings in life. I didn’t realize how much work that would entail though. Back then, I just wanted something easy, something to glide though life without taking college courses.

It’s really too bad there weren’t courses on how to be a wife and mother. It wasn’t until 7 years into my marriage and a close call with divorce, that I discovered there were actually books I could read on how to be not only a good wife, but the best wife. I made it my goal to not just be one, but to mentor how to keep it real, fight fair and build a long lasting marriage.

I’ve found that most people who have been married over 20 years, survived by going through some hard times and jumping through some pretty big obstacles to get there. I’m not foolish enough to think everyone can make if they try. It takes two to tango, not just one.

I’ll say this though, we had God in our marriage and it was still hard. But we planned to make it and left room for Him to lead our steps to the finish line. It wasn’t my goal to go through so much struggle, but neither one of us would quit and next month we celebrate 46 years. Not wedded bliss by a long shot, but with a deep faith in the God who we trusted with our steps.

We’re Still Here!

Sandy G

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