Choices Carry Consequences

“Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things. I am doing something brand new, something unheard of. Even now it sprouts and grows and matures. Don’t you perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and open up flowing streams in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18-19 TPT

One of my favorite sayings is this: You can’t go anywhere safely while staring in the rearview mirror.

I believe that God has always been and forever will be a forward thinking God. Just give that a bit of thought as you go through your day. Creators create. They’re always thinking of the next thing, how it will work, how it will be used in the future.

I believe that when He said, “I know the plans I have for you….” that He was and continues to plan out my life as I respond to each situation I go through. The plans are always there for me, but He always gives me a choice whether to go or stay. I can rest or run. Walk or drive. Dance or sit. Pick up my bed and walk or lay in my bed and remain where I am.

My action always causes a reaction. Just as my voice carries the ability to bless or curse, my movement sets into motion things I can’t see where I stand. I can’t blame you for my consequences when it was my choice to be where I am today.

I think that’s why our culture is in so much trouble today. They think they’re not accountable for their actions and they are very, very wrong. I’m not saying things don’t happen, but they usually happen because we choose to do what we want without waiting to consult with God or to surround ourselves with other believers and learn from their mistakes.

Hopefully this won’t strain your brain too much, but I hope it makes you think before you speak and wait patiently on the Lord.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandy G

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