Unchanging Father

“For I am the Lord, I do not change” Malachi 3:6a

This is the word I will be repeating to myself all day today in a very loud voice: I AM THE LORD, I DO NOT CHANGE! His words, not mine!

According to the dictionary, this word ‘change’ means to become different, altered or modified. To make God different from what He could be if left alone is unimaginable to me and should be to you as well. He cannot every change or be different than who He is.

There is a stirring in my spirit this morning that makes me want to shout out to all who are trembling in fear at what they see happening around them, God isn’t changed by anything you see. He is still Faithful, Provider, Protector, Great Physician and Healer. He cannot fail or change in anyway.

The words of a song written by a friend who has long since stepped into the Fathers presence floats back into my memory; God is God, and God will never change. I know God, God is God and He always will be God. (Written and recorded by Ray Overholt)

Perhaps it would be a good time and a great new years resolution to stop watching what is happening around us and begin focusing on the God who cannot change. To pay attention to the Words He has spoken through the ages and have been written down for all to read, “I am the Lord, I do not change!”

I understand that you can’t believe someone you’ve never met or are not yet acquainted with, so perhaps today is the day to begin. Once your eyes are open to the truth of who God is and the great plan that has unfolded since the beginning of time, perhaps you’ll begin to see things a bit differently. He doesn’t think like we do, nor does He have to explain Himself to us, but He said we will know Him through His Spirit who lives in us. He longs to reveal Himself to us, we only need to ask.

Father, for every person reading this today who asks, show Yourself to them. May they know You for the unchangeable Father You are and always have been. May they know how much You love them and care for them. I know that I am Your daughter, but show them that they too are Yours. I ask in large ways today because You said I could ask largely that my joy would be full. Thank You!

Sandy G

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