Times & Seasons

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

As I sit at my desk thinking about the times and seasons of my life, I was reminded of Mary, the mother of Jesus and what her life was like. What a whirlwind of a year for her! First she gets pregnant by the Holy Spirit. I’m pretty sure the news of that was not welcomed or thought highly of by either her parents or her soon to be husband.

She’s delicately sent to her cousin Elizabeths house, more than likely to try to still some of the town gossip. After she returns home and finds Joseph has been visited by an angel who confirms her story, is quickly married off and is told she must prepare to go on a long journey because the governor has declared each man must return to the town of their birth which just happens to be Bethlehem.

All of these details seem to us a bit unnecessary, but was all part of fulfilling prophesy spoken long before. I’m pretty sure that Mary didn’t piece that together until later. I’m also quite sure she was a very reflective young lady, for scripture says she stored things away in her heart. Those are secret reflections that I’m pretty sure she spoke with the Holy Spirit about.

So often the seasons we go through are filled with storms, tornados, hurricanes, destruction and devastations that we can’t see the purpose for nor does it make a lick of sense while we’re going through it or even soon after. But let me share this with you if I may; there is purpose for everything!

Everything! Nothing is ever wasted with God. It’s like the pieces of a newly opened puzzle that we try to connect the pieces of it together. Eventually, it will reflect the picture on the box (unless you get frustrated and burn it first).

I recently saw that an old pastor of mine passed away. I began to read the comments of so many who knew him and were touched by his life. Suddenly, I remembered an encounter I had with him that I had totally forgotten about. It was a Sunday night service where we worshipped in such a profound and tender way. I ended up seated on the choir risers at the end of service just soaking in His presence. When I opened my eyes, he was sitting beside me watching me. I was so lost in that moment that I wasn’t aware he had joined me there.

He said, “Sandy, I don’t think you realize how much your worship touches the heart of God. He has endued you with a gift that you’re not even aware of. Everyone can worship, but you do it with such focus and attention on Him. You’re so lost in it that your face shines as if the glory of the Lord rests on you, as if He’s opened the throne room to admit you in. I’ve watched you for years and have wanted to tell you for so long. Don’t ever stop worshipping. You don’t have a clue how many people have been changed by the intensity of your worship.”

My worship is how I’ve endured my seasons. I believe Mary was a worshipper as well. Those who are have the ability to open up themselves in complete abandon to the presence of the Holy Spirit within them. The Holy Spirit is who was sent to comfort us and be our helper. To help us through the seasons of loss, anger, helplessness and our own inabilities. He is enough to put all the pieces together so that the picture He’s purposed for me to be, will be what the world sees in the end.

You are perfect!

Sandy G

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