Extreme Differences

But unique is my beloved dove—unrivaled in beauty, without equal, beyond compare, the perfect one, the favorite one. Others see your beauty and sing of your joy. Brides and queens chant your praise: “How blessed is she!” Song of Songs 6:9 TPT

You know the saying, ‘Opposites attract?’ Walt and I are extreme opposites. I think the older we get the more evident it becomes. We love each other very much, but over the years we’ve learned to appreciate the differences and realize that together, we are a formidable force. If I’m weak in an area, it’s his strong point and I let him take it.

It was not always that way. Those first years when I fought to keep the tenuous hold on who I was alone, in becoming what I could be in our life together. It was scary! It’s sort of like when you get saved, but you’re scared to surrender completely because you fear the change. It’s not until you choose to hand over the reins and trust His crazy plans that you’re truly one with Him.

Do you know that in every area of weakness, God is our strength? He is. We go through a similar struggle to retain control in our relationship with him. At first, we come broken and commit ‘completely’ to Him until He asks us to do something difficult, than it’s a whole different story.

But hear me today if you’re struggling; David would not have been king without Goliath. Moses wouldn’t have rescued Israel without Pharaoh. Jesus wouldn’t have been crucified without Judas. God has a plan for us. It’s ok to not understand, that’s what trust in a loving God is all about. Just know this, while He has your hand and He is leading you down an unfamiliar path that appears a struggle to walk on, what happens on the journey will prepare you for your destination.

John 14:3, “When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.”

It’s gonna be ok,

Sandy G

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