I Samuel 17:45 ERV; David said to the Philistine, “You come to me using sword, spear, and javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord All-Powerful, the God of the armies of Israel. You have said bad things about him.

“You have said bad things about Him.” David was just a young boy when he said these words to a giant, a man who had caused all of Israel to freak out for quite some time. But David knew the power of His God, mighty to save and deliver. How did he learn these things about God? In a valley while tending sheep.

Perhaps you’re in a valley tending sheep right now. This is the time when you learn to lean into the mighty power of God to deliver, save and keep. This is the time when you learn who God is and what He’s capable of. There may be a battle you’re about to face that will test your loyalty to God and what you know about Him. When you face your giant, remember what you learned in the valley. He’s as loyal to you as you are to Him! He’s always got your back.

He didn’t say you would never go through hard places, but He did say He’d be with you. He never said there would be no battles, but He did say He would fight them for you. This might be the day when you face your enemy and say with a loud voice, “You can mock me, but you cannot mock my God and get away with it. He is well able to deliver you into my hand!”

Now, go choose your stone and when you throw it, it will not miss it’s mark.

Thank You Lord for reminding me again of the lessons learned in the valley with sheep. I’ve stepped in some sheep poop, but you cleaned me up. You gave me strength to stand when all I wanted to do was sit and sulk. You stood between me and those who spoke against me, because you saw something they didn’t. I am forever grateful that the life you gave me is for You alone. It’s with all my love I thank You. Amen

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