A Surgeon’s Scalpel

I’m sure we’ve all experienced those cutting words from friends, family and strangers. Shoot, back in my sarcastic days, I’m pretty sure I was responsible for more wounds then I want to admit dishing out. I should have been a medic! I would have been busy cleaning up after myself.

This morning, I wanted to point out that good can come of cutting words. You’re probably thinking, “Sandy, drink your coffee. You’re not awake yet!” I’m working on it!

In Hebrews 4:12, Paul writes about Gods cutting words;
God’s word is alive and working. It is sharper than the sharpest sword and cuts all the way into us. It cuts deep to the place where the soul and the spirit are joined. God’s word cuts to the center of our joints and our bones. It judges the thoughts and feelings in our hearts.

Unlike our words, His Word is like a surgeons scalpel, cutting out wrong thought patterns, correcting our vision and improving our understanding. What’s truly amazing is how He does a complete heart transplant, trading our diseased one for His own.

You see, as messed up as my words were, when I began exchanging mine for His, my words became life to those who hear me. Instead of causing hurtful tears and offense, His Word in me brings life and hope and hopefully, encourages others to exchange their words as well.

Where I deserved, ‘Shame on you!’, I received forgiveness and a promise of a forever home with Him. I may remember the things I did and said, but He never throws that in my face. It’s that unconditional love and forgiveness that made me want to change and be more like Him.

Father, thank You for all the undeserved love and forgiveness. Thank you that Your Son paid the debt I couldn’t pay. I’m so glad He’s constantly reminding You that in spite of my insufficiencies, His grace is enough. I may say ‘OUCH’ when Your Word cuts me deep, but what a relief when that thing is finally gone. I love you! And thanks for the good day I’m going to have. It’s in Jesus name, Amen.

PS-if you were a friend I’ve cut-SORRY! LOVE YOU! #don’thate #i’vehadsurgery #behealed

Sandy G

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