Reflect Goodness

A soothing tongue [speaking words that build up and encourage] is a tree of life, but a perversive tongue [speaking words that overwhelm and depress] crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4 Amplified

You know, it’s really easy to encourage others, just look for a way to make it all about them, not all about you. Tell them what a gift they are. Tell them how much you appreciate the things they do, that they’re always at work on time, always doing their job, making the atmosphere more pleasant.

Compliment their appearance, ask them where they got such a beautiful smile. Make them glad they work with you. People have enough problems, they don’t need to hear about yours.

You already have a Father who hears you. He already knows what you’re going through, so leave it with Him and be someone people enjoy being around. Pray for them. You may be the reason they are where they are, so that you can show them the love of God. Today, decide to reflect the Father.

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