Get Outside Your Box

Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants—what is good, pleasing, and perfect. Romans 12:2 GW

I’ve always loved the saying, ‘Think outside the box!’ Walt says I don’t just think outside the box, I live there! Well, I guess I’d rather live in a realm where there are few then in a crowded mess. If I merely want what the world wants, all I’d have to do is follow aimlessly and just fit in, but I’m admonished to be different or separate from the world.

As a child of the King, I’m given a purpose that doesn’t fit with the purpose of the world. I can’t just hang around other Christians and be a Christian. That’s like stepping into the garage and expecting to be a car. Trust me, God’s not talking about my dress or physical appearance. It’s not even keeping the big 10. No, it’s not the works I do, but the work He did that calls me to be different.

It’s being a giver instead of a taker. Being a part of something bigger then myself by finding my part in the body of Christ and acting and speaking like His daughter. It’s not about my gifts or education, but what I am is someone who dares to be different and who’s purpose is to make a mark on others that can’t be erased (in a good way, I hope!).

I want to use my words to bless, not curse and encourage others to live a life of faith as well. I don’t see things like most folk, I try to gain heavens perspective and speak like my Father. You can’t follow me around and imitate me! That would not be good, one Sandy in the world is MORE then enough.

There’s no shortcut to being a Christian! You simply state, ‘Jesus, I acknowledge your sacrifice for my sin and make you Lord of my life. Be my teacher, I will be your willing student. Show me how to walk and talk like you. Then get out the text book (The Bible) and begin reading. I recommend getting a translation you can easily understand and read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John until you get the picture of who Jesus is, what He did and what He asked us to do. The more you know him, the more like Him you’ll become. Get ready for life outside the box! Lose your old way of thinking and speaking because in the Kingdom of God, we carry our sword (His Word) and know how to use it to change the world, one life at a time.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

Sandy G

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