He’s In The Wind

Rolling whirlwinds exploded with sonic booms of thunder, rumbling as the skies shouted out your story with light and sound and wind. Everything on earth shook and trembled as you drew near. Psalm 77:18 TPT

Ever been in a tornado? Perhaps not physically, but perhaps mentally or spiritually? When you’re sucked up into a cyclone of words which lead to fear, doubt and unbelief? I don’t care how big of a Christian you are, everyone has been there.

Imagine being there for a long period of time, bombarded by not just words, but the thoughts that lead to your own words agreeing with those words, thoughts and feelings. It’s definitely not a pretty place to be in. Perhaps that’s why my hair always looks messy.

If you’re there right now and no amount of Word or prayer seems to help, you’re not alone! No, I really mean it, you’re not alone! Right in the middle of your mess, the Holy Spirit has you wrapped in His sweet arms comforting you and giving you peace. Close your eyes and whisper, “Jesus.” He’s not just in the tornado with you, He’s bringing order to the mess and bringing beauty to the chaos.

Focus on Jesus and watch to see what be makes of your madness. Isa 26:3-“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

He’s In The Wind,

Sandy G

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