You’re a Giant Slayer

“I lie awake thinking of you, meditating on you through the night. Because you are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings. I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely.” Psalm 63:6-8 NLT

Hey out there, am I the only one who does this? Is there no one to join their voice with mine to shout for joy to the Lord? You may ask why I get so into this worship thing I do? Let me just say this, the more I think on the Lord and all He’s done for me, I just get slap happy.

Yeah, sometimes I get so happy I just want to slap Walt, but he’s not a morning person and would slap me back! LOL

I just get so happy, so excited. I remember the night before I got married, I lay in bed thinking about it, wondering,(well, wondering if Walt was actually going to show up!) excited, couldn’t wait for my long awaited day to arrive. Well the same thing happens when I wake in the morning and God is on my mind and I begin to think of my life with Him, how exciting it’s going to be today, wondering what His plans hold for me today.

I can’t go back to sleep, I just want to jump up and tell someone, “Look, it’s gonna be an AWESOME day cause GOD is in it!” It doesn’t matter what I face! I’m under the shadow of His Wing. That ugly devil can’t touch this! If he tries, my Father will slap him silly!

David saw each day as a choice. A choice to trust the God he knew and had built relationship with. He wasn’t oblivious to the fact that the giant he faced was bigger than he was, but He knew who created that giant and that the Creator was with him. He knew there was no one bigger than God.

We have to trust God! He has a plan and we’re in it! Don’t worry about your life, your health, your finances, your children or your job. Don’t worry about corruption or agendas in our nation or our cities. Put your trust in God, He’s got this!

Hold your hands in front of you, palms up. Now offer what looms before you to the Lord. Say, “Here’s what’s bothering me and it’s so silly for both of us to carry it. I trust you!” Then begin to remind Him of all He’s done in the past for you. It’s time to get happy and worship Him.

I don’t know about you, but He’s my life, my light, my joy, my help, my healer, my deliverer, my strong tower, my keeper, the lifter of my head, my glory and my God. Do you sense His presence? The more you talk of His greatness, it’s like cranking up the power to a light bulb, it just gets brighter and brighter and brighter.

I’m bursting, God. Your goodness is overwhelming!

Sandy G

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