Take The Limits Off

Time to take the limits off!

You’ve allowed your limited thinking to determine your destiny for far too long! You plan trips based on your bank account. You’ve allowed your mind to disallow Gods purpose for your life because you qualified yourself based on your lack of education or experience.

Let me ask you this; is the God in you limited? You say no, and yet you have limited Him. How have you limited Him? Are you laying hands on the sick? Raising the dead? Giving everything you have to the poor? When you only do what you feel you’re capable of doing, you’re limiting the God who is alive in you.

The God of limitlessness possibilities and creative ideas lives in you and you don’t trust in His ability to do anything other then what you are comfortable with. Oh, you pay your 10%, but when He says, “Risk it all!” You conveniently block that voice out of your head. “I need it for bills,” when He said He’d supply ALL your needs according to HIS riches.

You see where I’m going here? We’ve limited God based on what we see instead of what we should know about the God who’s in us. We have become passive and safe instead of aggressive and risk-takers.

According to Matthew 25 18-29, Jesus will return for what is His and what we do with what He’s given us, we will give account of. He will ask you, “What did you do with the talents and abilities I gave you?” Hear me today! It’s time we stopped making excuses and stepped up and walked in the power of the Holy Spirit in us.

Trust me when I say this; “I knew you were a mean God and would come back some day and want your powerful Holy Spirit back so here it is. I never used it because! Here it is just the way you gave it to me.” That’s not the answer He’s after.

He will be pleased to hear; “Father, I invested what I had in me into others, trusting you to multiply it. I was faithful with the little, here is yours with interest.” He will say to you, “Thank you faithful one, enter into the joy of the Lord.”

I would rather live on the edge of danger then in a safe and small place. I’d rather look and sound a fool, then never open my mouth and speak His truth in love. I’d rather sit under an open sky then in a box of my own making. There is so much power in me that to harness it would deprive the world around me of light yet undiscovered. What about you?

Let’s Let Him Do More Through Us,

Sandy G

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