Choose Truth

I’ve chosen to obey your truth and walk in the splendor-light of all that you teach me. Psalm 119:30 TPT

We all have choices, don’t we? Some of us have walked a very hard path because we’ve chosen wrong, while others have chosen right and still endured trials and tribulation. You see, what we choose doesn’t always bring us peace, joy and happiness. Sometimes choosing to follow Jesus takes us down uncomfortable paths.

When I chose to obey God’s truth and walk in the light it brought me, the only assurance I had is that He would never leave me and that if I was willing, He would shine that light through me. Light doesn’t shine through vessels that are sealed up, only those that are open. Just as we learned in children church years ago, you can’t hide it under a bushel–you must let it shine.

I choose to not be consumed by my own problems today, but to be an open and shining extension of the Fathers light which I carry. I pray that it shine so brightly that all around may see their way to the most glorious relationship with the God who lavishes me with His love, peace and joy. The kind that isn’t effected by what goes on in the world or my personal life, but that pushes it’s way through, casting out the darkness.

If we would all chose to be that light, can you even imagine how much brighter things would be? You may not be able to change the world, but you can change your corner or the world. The part you are in can be brighter if you’ll allow your brokenness to be the very thing God uses to bring light.

Don’t hide in shame, afraid to share your story! Share your journey so that others may be encouraged by it. You’ll find that when you do, light will burst forth from you onto others.


Sandy G

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