I’m Passionate to Please Him

The way I love you is like the way a servant wants to please his master, the way a maid waits for the orders of her mistress. We look to you, our God, with passionate longing to please you and discover more of your mercy and grace. Psalm 123:2 TPT

I cannot get through one day without the grace of our Lord on my life. Grace means unmerited or undeserved favor. That’s what the sacrifice of Jesus did for me! It’s deserving death but receiving pardon. It’s walking to the gas chamber then being walked out of prison because someone took my place. That’s what Grace is.

I am in debt forever to the one who gave it all up for me. No excuses! I will live my life as He asks me to. I’ll go into all of my world and be a living light of love to everyone, even the challenging ones! I’ll await my orders and happily comply.

Father, I cry out for opportunities to love. May your mercy and grace never become familiar and meaningless words to me, but may I always remember it was a costly word for you. I love you Lord! I love you! May my light shine so brightly that it may glorify Your good works.

I Am Yours,

Sandy G

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