He Keeps His Word

God is not like people. He tells no lies. He is not like humans. He doesn’t change his mind. When he says something, he does it. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. Numbers 23:19 GW

I feel I need to qualify the title of this blog today; God indeed keeps His Word–not our interpretation of His Word–but His Truth. That becomes clear to us as we seek Him. His word says that He makes known the secrets of His covenant to those who truly seek to know Him, not for what He brings, but for who He is. It’s your motives that opens that door.

I have discovered that if I am in agreement with His Word and I don’t waver, don’t listen to the report of other ‘experts’, but stay in His Word, focused on who He is in me, I will have whatever I say. I’m absolutely sure of that. Why? Because it’s in the Word and whatever is in the Word I can take it to the bank!

What the devil does is tries to make me doubt just like he did with Eve in the garden. “Did God really say that?” If she had responded as Jesus did when he was in the wilderness, we would not be dealing with him today. But instead of using her authority and agreeing with the Word of God, she submitted to the doubt and lost her authority.

Whatever you do, DON’T lose your authority. Jesus paid a high price to win it back for you, not for you to agree with the enemy, but to know the truth and be free from the enemy’s lies. He said that you will know that truth and that it would make you free. There are a whole lot of people today who would rather believe what they hear on the news than what they hear from God. They have more relationship with their pastor than they do with their Father. They have itching ears, ears that want to hear anything that makes them ‘feel’ better. But the truth of God is hidden to only those who seek Him with their whole heart.

Thank you Lord for the price you paid for my freedom. My weapons are mighty in you to pull down the strongholds of my wrong thinking and wrong speaking. It says in your Word that NOTHING is impossible with you. You’re looking for radical people that have radical faith in Your abilities, who will agree with Your Word, not their circumstances and what surrounds them in the media and the world. I’m Your girl, God! You have stopped at the right house at the right time. I place myself in agreement with You. Be it unto me according to Your Word.

Trusting In You,

Sandy G

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