Then the Lord will prosper you abundantly in all the work of your hands, Deuteronomy 30:9a.

My mind goes back to the day I read this and the Holy Spirit highlighted the word ‘your’ in that verse. You see, if you were raised anything like I was, you may have been taught in Sunday School that if you did everything right, if you kept every command God spoke, then and only then would the Lord prosper you. But that’s not what this verse says, is it? No, it clearly says that He will bless all the work of your hands.

In other words–no work, no prosper. Which takes me to the verse in James 2 where he talks about faith without works is feeble. It’s in your obedience to the voice of God that causes you to partake of the blessings of God. Abraham obeyed without hesitation when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. His willingness to obey forged an unbreakable friendship and bond with God and he walked in great favor and blessing all the days of his life.

When you hold tight to things and are unwilling to let them go when He asks you to, you’re only saying, “I don’t really trust you God.” Just because you can’t see the outcome, you choose to wait and see. Abraham never saw God give His only son. He didn’t understand the prophetic significance to his act, but He trusted the covenant God had made with him and that was enough.

Don’t ever get possessive with what you have here on earth. The earth belongs to God, we’re only caretakers. This isn’t our home, we’re only sojourners, ambassadors of the Kingdom we represent, in the earth to show off His glory to all we encounter.

I wonder what the world would look like if the Remnant Believers would take their place in the plan of God? To submit and surrender, let go of things we trust will bring us happiness and find our security in Him? To know Him in all of His fullness enough to trust that His plans are bigger and better than we could ever imagine.

So you see, it just doesn’t matter what things look like. It doesn’t even matter how you feel today. God’s a promise keeper and His promises are enough.


Sandy G

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