Truth Lovers

Jesus speaking, “And here is the basis for their judgment: The Light of God has now come into the world, but the hearts of people love their darkness more than the Light, because they want the darkness to conceal their evil.  So the wicked hate the Light and try to hide from it, for their lives are fully exposed in the Light.  But those who love the truth will come out into the Light and welcome its exposure, for the Light will reveal that their fruitful works were produced by God.” John 3:19-21 TPT

So the wicked hate the Light, that sure does explain a lot, doesn’t it?! I’ve always wondered why rats and roaches scurry freely in the dark, but the minute you flip on the light, they run into the darkness. I’m pretty sure it’s because they came from the pit of hell, and should return there!

But those who love the truth….they come out into the Light and welcome the exposure. Later in John 8:12, Jesus said, “I am light to the world and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness.”

This morning as I sit in the light of my office, I find myself under a much larger Light, examining myself. What lies hidden in me that needs to be exposed to Him so I can live in complete freedom of darkness that threatens and tries to extinguish my light? Is there anything that would cause the fruit I bear to become rotten or bitter to others? I know that my sins are blotted out, but I long to lay in the light of His presence and feel the warmth of touch upon things that haven’t yet seen the light of day.

God, I invite your searching gaze into my heart. Examine me through and through; find out everything that may be hidden within me. Put me to the test and sift through all my anxious cares. See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on, and lead me back to your glorious, everlasting ways–the path that brings me back to you. Psalm 139:23-24 TPT

You see, I believe that’s what made David a man after Gods’ own heart. He allowed the Light to shine on every area of His heart. He had relationship with the Light. He communed with Him, sang to Him, wrote to Him. He knew there was nothing He could hide from the all knowing, all seeing eyes of His Friend, God.

I long for that kind of relationship. A Friend that sticks closer than a brother. One who knows everything about me yet still loves me. Who doesn’t knock me up side the head when I’m stupid, but smiles, wraps His loving arms around me and draws me into the Light. Not to blind me, but to free me.

Basking in His Light,

Sandy G

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