“Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting.” Acts 2:2 NLT

Can you imagine the scene? 120 people in a room, together, in one accord (that right there was the biggest miracle). They’re longing for the promise, they know somethings coming because in Luke 24:49, Jesus told them the Holy Spirit was coming. What would he look like? What would it feel like? I’m thinking this was the only way they could describe the sound-a mighty windstorm.

I think of times in my life where I felt a storm had come and wrecked havoc on my dreams. When the noise of life had been deafening and I just couldn’t hear clear direction. Suddenly, a still small voice was heard above the roar and like a whirlwind, swept away all the uncertainty, doubt and fear to be replaced with the sweetest peace ever known. Have you experienced that?

It happened once again just yesterday. Something tried to take my peace, shove me off my feet, slam me to my knees thinking it would get the best of me and cause me to be fearful. Little did he know that when you put a blood bought child of God who is filled with the Spirit of God on my knees, it just causes me to pray! Suddenly, the mighty Spirit of God swept all the fear away and clearly assured me of victory. Suddenly, the problem seemed very small and the answer seemed very large.

If you are waiting for an answer, don’t wait for it to get quiet before you hear, allow the Spirit of God to still your soul so that in the middle of all the noise, you hear him loud and clear. I can hear my mom singing an old song, “Oh yes the answer’s on the way this I know. Jesus said it, I believe it and its so. Our Heavenly Father knows our need before we pray and we can rest assured, the answers on the way.”

QUICKLY. That was the word that rose up in my spirit this morning while praying for you. QUICKLY. Doors will open QUICKLY. Needs will be met QUICKLY. Healing will manifest QUICKLY. Debts canceled QUICKLY. Answers QUICKLY. Whatever you’re waiting for, surrender it to God. He’s almighty, creator, provider, protector, deliverer and healer. Stop holding onto what you weren’t meant to carry. He’s moving QUICKLY to cause all the pieces to come together. He’s working on your behalf QUICKLY.

Holy Spirit, do your thing in us today! Quickly! We receive it right now in Jesus’ name and for Your glory. Amen

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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