What Will Show Up For You?

So may the words of my mouth, my meditation-thoughts, and every movement of my heart be always pure and pleasing, acceptable before your eyes, my only Redeemer, my Protector-God. Psalm 19:14 TPT

When you are half-hearted and wavering it leaves you unstable. Can you really expect to receive anything from the Lord when you’re in that condition? James 1:7-8 TPT

If what we speak today showed up tomorrow, what would we speak. Would the sum total of our words be selfish or others focused? Would our day be filled with peace or turmoil? Joy or sorrow?

Jesus Himself said that whatever we ask, we’ll receive. He told us that our words are like seeds that fall onto the ground. Some on good soil that take root and grow, some are choked out by our cares and concerns. I think that it’s important to keep our soil filled with good nutrients so that what is planted in it will grow and bring fruit. It will not only feed us, but others as well.

If what I speak doesn’t encourage and help others in their journey, I’m not speaking right words. Hey, I’m not perfect! I get caught up in things I shouldn’t and say things that I regret but hey, I’m human, right? But God wants us to focus on who we are in Him, not who we are in us. If we are sons and daughters, our character will change and our words will change as well.

So if words are so important, why don’t we watch our mouth? Psalm 141:3 in the Amplified version says; Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips [to keep me from speaking thoughtlessly]. Our words should be well thought out because they will be productive for good or evil. Our choice. Always our choice.

So today, I speak salvation to my community, that revival would break out in the schools and work places. I speak hunger & thirsting for righteousness. I call forth signs, wonders and miracles! That they would follow us believers in the grocery store, the workplace and the schools.

That healing would manifest, lame walk, deaf hear, mute speak, limbs grow, blind eyes open, the paralyzed rise and walk! Not in our churches, but in the fields as we work, the office during meetings, while I get my groceries. I call forth success in our neighborhood businesses. I call out, windows of Heaven-be open over us today! Uncontainable, chase me down and run me over kind of blessings.

Father, I will not doubt in my heart for I believe that whatsoever I say in faith will come to pass, in Jesus Name! and those who agree say, AMEN! Now speak it! Don’t just read it, speak it out daily! Watch your harvest happen in your tomorrow.

Happy Speaking,

Sandy G

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