Quiet Down

Trust in the Lord and wait quietly for his help. Psalm 37:7a

Sometimes I think that is the most difficult thing to do-trusting and the waiting quietly. Especially the quietly part. We tend to very verbal about things we know so little about. Yet this is what He asks of us to do.

I wonder why that is? Perhaps it’s because our words hold so much creative power, that when used incorrectly, can be a detriment or put a hold on progress. We want it and we want it now, but perhaps now isn’t the best time for God, after all, it’s about His Kingdom, not ours.

Wait on the Lord. We seem to get that right, but the quietly, not so much. I believe it’s because His vision is so much broader than ours, so vast. He takes it all in, the beginning, the end, He sees and knows it all. There is so much to His plan and we are only a small part in it.

When King David wrote this, he had learned a thing or two about blindly trusting the Lord. He knew all about waiting in the meadow, tending the sheep while God prepared him for his great future. He faced giants, overcame battles, all because he knew the faithfulness of God.

He knew God as a strong tower where the righteous could run and be safe. He knew God as provider, protector, deliverer and King. All through the Psalms, he showed how to have relationship with God and simply trust Him.

Will you do that today? Regardless of what things look like, will you close your eyes and just trust Him? Regardless of your bank account, how far away your dreams look, will you smile, cease from worrying and trust His plans?

I will trust you Lord for you know what’s best for me. This week is a time when I’ve focused on thankfulness, so let me remember that You have all things in Your very capable hands. You have all the details worked out. I will be quiet before You and wait patiently until You reveal Your great plan and my part in it. I will trust You.

Keep Praising,

Sandy G

One thought on “Quiet Down

  1. “It’s about His kingdom, not ours…so, close your eyes and trust Him.” Amen, Sandy. We must trust Him with the faith of a child! Blessings.

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