The Bold Prophet

When Ahab saw him, he exclaimed, “So, is it really you, you troublemaker of Israel?”

“I have made no trouble for Israel,” Elijah replied. “You and your family are the troublemakers, for you have refused to obey the commands of the Lord and have worshiped the images of Baal instead.” 1 Kings 18:17-18 NLT

I love the prophet Elijah. Now there’s a man that truly trusted in the Lord. He loved God, communed with God and obeyed His voice. Just how many times did he declare something and God backed Him up? Every time!

He was bold when he announced a severe drought, then hides for 3 years till God says go back. (I Kings 18) He kills all the prophets of Baal in the most awesome display of Gods might since the splitting of the Red Sea, then he tells King Ahab, ‘Go on and get yourself some food cause I hear a heavy rain comin!’

With not a cloud in the sky, he goes up, positions himself to pray and 7 times, sends his servant to check the sky. When his servant finally returns with the report of a teeny weeny cloud in the distance, he says, ‘Run and tell the king to get in his vehicle and drive fast before he gets stuck in the rain.’ (my modern day translation of course).

Here’s my observation on this: Most of us would have got off our face on the 3rd report that there’s no cloud! We would of taken our pitiful self back home in defeat stating we’ll never take a risk like that again. Knowing we couldn’t trust the voice of God in our lives, we’d of probably crawled into bed and refused to believe for another thing.

What has God spoken to you that you’ve hung onto and believed for all these years? Do you hear a voice saying, ‘It’s never going to happen! You’re a fool for believing that way!” Can I tell you something? Look again! There’s a cloud forming on the horizon, a cloud of the promise of salvation, restoration, healing, deliverance.

According to your FAITH be it unto you, thats what Jesus said. Stop trying to explain it! Stop trying to justify it! Stop listening to friends who spread doubt and unbelief! Stop sharing it with gloom & doomers! Pick your self up and begin to run with your promise.

I declare to you this day, RAIN IS COMING! Just as you would prepare for a storm by stocking up on supplies, begin to prepare for a party! See it as God sees it, DONE DEAL! Begin to rejoice now because praise brings expectation. Its the fertilizer for your seed and add the latter rain to that and what do you have? HARVEST! IT’S HARVEST TIME!

Happy Reaping!

Sandy G

2 thoughts on “The Bold Prophet

  1. Michelle Page says:

    Great words of encouragement Sandy!


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