When You Think You Know Best

I was reading in 1 Samuel 8 this morning about how the children of Israel wanted a King. They kept asking Samuel to appoint them a king to rule over them and the Lord said to give them what they asked for because they didn’t want God to be their King.

How very sad. I wonder how many times we’ve asked for things that weren’t the best for us. We beg for a better job but haven’t been faithful to do what God had intended for us to do in the one we have. We are full of greed and refuse to allow God to rule us.

I remember being in a job I hated. The people I worked with were evil and being around that all the time was very difficult. I remember asking the Lord if I could quit and He said, ‘I still have a purpose for you here, be patient, watch and listen, I will show you.’

So every morning I would get up with a bit of dread in my heart. I’d go do my job the very best I could and try my best to tune out the gossip and hatred. One day while talking to my co-worker, she asked me if I were to leave, what job would I want. I told her that my favorite job up north was working with Physical Therapists and I’d really enjoy going back to it.

Three months later, she was in a car accident and had to go to a new physical therapy clinic. They asked her if she knew of any medical billers and she said she did. I faxed my resume, was interviewed that next week and two weeks later took the job I have now.

Twelve years later, I’m recounting the events that led me there. Had I not stayed and allowed God to direct me, if I’d been hard hearted and gone by how I felt, I would not have the position, I have now.

Just like the people in Israel, I thought I knew what was best for me. I wanted what I wanted not knowing that it wasn’t the blessing that God had intended for me. I couldn’t see how God was ordering my steps to meet countless people and plant seeds of hope and encouragement into them. The times I was able to pray for people at their point of need.

I would rather be led by Jesus then by anyone on the face of the earth. Until we submit to His Lordship, we will be placing another king over us. It wasn’t about the money, pay wise it was a lateral move. It was about being in a place where God intended me to be.

Every morning I cry out to the Lord, please use me today, I’m your servant. I believe you order my every step and I trust you to direct me today. To be your hands, your mouthpiece, your love and light to a lost world. I appoint you Lord of my life.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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