Power Packed Promises

Where is the man who fears the Lord? God will teach him how to choose the best. He shall live within God’s circle of blessing, and his children shall inherit the earth. Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him. With them alone he shares the secrets of his promises. Psalm 25:12-14 TLB

Have you ever just sat and thought about the greatness of God? Look up at a star-filled night, He made and named them all. Examine a flower and realize, He created that too. Examine a baby and understand the intricacy that went into that life and what keeps it breathing, growing and learning. All God.

To fear the Lord is defined, in awe or deep reverence. That verse says that God will teach you to make the best choices. I believe that’s why it’s important to daily think about the Lord and worship Him for how great and mighty He is.

That next promise is that we will live in God’s circle of blessing and our children will inherit the earth. I don’t know about you, but that is HUGE! That’s like being in the inner circle of God. You’ve not known privilege and favor until you’ve known God. Every moment you spend time teaching your children to honor God and the life He created, it’s preparing them to inherit the earth.

And finally, friendship with God, reserved for those who reverence or revere Him. He’s no longer an after thought, an ‘oops’, forgot You today God. Oh well, You’re busy anyway. No, it’s waking to His presence each day, hearing His voice whisper all day long. It’s with those alone, He shares the secrets of His promises or covenant.

These are promises that I take with me everyday. Promise of direction, favor and revelation. I want to know God in every fiber of my being. I want Him to be more real then my surroundings. Bigger then any enemy, problem or fear. For when I exalt Him, everything else seems very small indeed.

Father, there is absolutely nothing bigger then You. I know that You will take care of every problem I face, for You are greater than my problem. There is nothing too hard for You, nothing You’re not aware of. My job is to enlarge You and magnify Your name. When I do that, You will give me the direction I need, Your favor on me and my family daily, and I will know Your secrets. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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