Not Today Devil! Not Today!

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18

Have you ever noticed that when fear comes, it brings friends? Just as love is a choice we make everyday, so is fear. We can choose to be fearful of every thing that could happen or we can focus on God and His ability to protect us and keep us in all our ways.

About 7 years ago, our youngest daughter was slipping into a diabetic coma. Instead of calling 911, in my spirit I heard the Lord say, “Get her up and take her for a walk.” I began to take my God given authority and come against the plans of the enemy to take her out.

As we walked, I called her blood sugar down and all levels normal. What happened? All her levels returned to normal. Today, she’s lost over 100 pounds and is no longer tormented by diabetes. Fear has lost it’s power over her life!

My friends, there is power in our words! Jesus gave us all power over all the power of the enemy and said, “Nothing shall by any means harm you!” He gave us all authority over sickness and disease. He rebuked the devil, cast out demons. Everything He spoke came to pass, so why not us?

Have faith in God! I don’t care who you are or what your religious back ground is, it’s time to take back what is yours and walk in it every day! Stop allowing the devil to steal your children, your home, your finances or your healing! Begin telling your enemy, “Not today, devil! Not today!”

Just as Jesus did, quote the scriptures to your enemy! If your enemy is debt or lack, tell him, “My God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory!” If your enemy is fear, tell him, “God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind!” If your enemy is sickness, tell him, “He sent His Word and healed me and delivered me from all diseases.”

Now, determine to walk in love. Focus on the love and power Jesus placed in your hands and use it. Don’t just put it on a shelf and retrieve it when you’re desperate. Use it always! The blood of Jesus will never lose it’s power.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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