Impossible Odds

Have you ever been in a battle that you KNEW you weren’t going to win? The fear, frustration and anger at the unfairness of it all comes over you like a flood. All the accusations, all the drama, all the pain is overwhelming, isn’t it?

It’s almost worse when we watch our spouse or children be wrongfully accused. It makes me want to go all ‘postal’ on the attacker!

I was thinking that it must have been how the Father felt when he watched his Son be wrongfully accused, spit on, then suddenly I realized that’s not how He felt at all. He knew the end result. It was a part of a bigger plan that He saw outside of time.

Isaiah 26: 3-4 gives us the key, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength.” There it is, the place of perfect peace is a place of trust.

Have you ever done the ‘trust fall’? You know, when you fall backward into the arms of people who catch you? Yeah, me neither! Well, that’s what God is asking us to do; do the trust fall. Fall into His arms of love and trust Him. He knows how it’s going to turn out.

Do you trust Him? Even when it looks REALLY bad, when you have to stand there and take all that, do you trust Him? When you get fired, do you trust him? When you lose your house, do you trust Him? When it looks like they’ve won, do you trust Him? I believe that when things are at their worst, the rescue looks the best. When things are at their lowest, the arm of the Lord is outstretched.

Remember when Elisha was surrounded by the army and he wasn’t stressed a bit by it, but his servant was freaking out? Elisha asked the Lord to open his eyes and he saw the chariots of the Lord surrounding them. The battle isn’t ours, it’s Gods. Stop trying to fight this battle, rest in His peace and presence and trust in the Lord. When you are in the secret place of the Most High God (Ps 91), thats when He will show you His salvation.

It’s a habit we all must develop if we’re to be a light in this very dark world. Find your hiding place and stay there till the storm passes. Trust that He’s big enough to take care of this and you.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

One thought on “Impossible Odds

  1. Homer Les says:

    Well done Sandy. I have to agree that trust is really, really hard to do. We live in a world filled with people who are filled with ‘self’ so we learn early that people are not trustworthy. Since we cannot see God, but we can see man, in our childish thinking we think that God is like man and therefore cannot be trusted. Trouble is that thinking extends into adulthood and then becomes entrenched.

    So God has to woo us to the wilderness to learn how to trust Him. He doesn’t expect us to trust Him all at once but like a good farmer, He nurtures and grows our trust in Him steadily; over time. Of course that does require that for each lead we choose to obey Him. Eventually He will take us to the cliff where He will ask us to step off and trust that He will catch us. That is where we were in 2011.

    When we we locked out of our only shelter in October 2011 we had a choice. We could take the help of man, which we knew to be untrustworthy, or trust God who had shown Himself to be so far trustworthy. Well we chose the latter. It was a matter of faith because we did not know what would happen and also of trust because we did not know if God would let us down. As we found, over 3 and 1/2 years He never let us down and walked with us continually through our homeless journey.

    My point is this. Trust can only grow when we obey His lead and follow Him in faith. The greater the step the greater the trust. If, or when, we get to the point where there is no safety net of man under us then we know we are trusting God fully. At that point we must take a bold step of faith and trust. That is the key for too many want to trust God but have that safety net underneath. The problem is that your trust is in that net, man and his fallen ‘self’ nature, rather than God. If you trust in the help of man you WILL fail. I have seen it first hand too many times. It is ONLY when we trust in God ALONE to save us in times of peril, stress, hardship and suffering do we truly can say our trust ALONE is in Jesus. Do not put your trust in man for only God is worthy of your trust.

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