The Good-The Bad-The Ugly


Have you ever had something happen to you that so devastated you that each time you tell the story, the same anger rises up. Thats what happens when we give more attention to the problem. God never meant for us to do that. We are to exalt God, to think on Him, not the problem.

In Mark chapter 6, after Jesus had fed about 18,000 (5000 men plus women and children) with a snack, Jesus put his men in a boat and sent them ahead to the other side. Now these men were mostly fishermen and they knew how to read the sky to tell if a storm was brewing because that had been their previous job. The disciples were looking at the storm, talking about the storm, probably remembering all the friends they’d lost at sea, until fear came on them so strong they forgot who sent them.

They were so focused on the problem that when they saw Jesus walking on the water, they freaked out! Matthew 6:52 says “For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.” They forgot about the snack that had just fed the masses. All the miracles they’d seen went right out of their heads because their focus was wrong.

That’s what God’s trying to get us to understand. When we give more thought to anything other than God, we exalt the problem and it becomes a god, mightier in our thoughts than God himself. JESUS! Help us get this right. Every time that problem you face comes to your mind and you dwell on it, worry about it, wonder about it, you’re not trusting God. (I hope you understand I’m talking to myself as well!). It hardens your heart to the miracle working capabilities of God.

Don’t you know that in the middle of your time with the Lord, when your mind is on Him and you’re talking about Him, He can give you the key to change something? Don’t you know that when we take our hands and minds off the problem and focus on Him, it enables Him free reign over every problem in our lives?

Remember the time when you had no food in the cupboards and someone showed up with groceries? Did it happen because you were worrying about it? NO! It was when you began to remind God of His promises to you, when you began to remember His goodness and His grace.

Is there ANYTHING too hard for God? Ok than! We will obey Him when He says, FOCUS ON ME! SEEK MY FACE! He has things to show us that will help someone He’s going to send our way today, tomorrow and we need to be ready to give out of the increase of our heart. How can I be ready when I’m focused on me? Lets be treasure hunters in the Word. Lets find His promises and remember what a great and mighty God we serve. Nothing is impossible when we trust in Him.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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