Talk To The Trouble


As I sat down with my journal this morning and asked the Lord what he had to say to me, this verse in John 14:27 came to my mind; “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give peace to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.”

Don’t let your heart be troubled. So I asked him to expose the things that trouble my heart and discovered quite a few things, sorry to say! My response was, how do I avoid my heart being troubled? How can I stop the troubling? His response was to allow Him to take His rightful place in me as the peace giver.

So I began to speak peace over every area that would trouble me this morning and invited the peace giver in to calm the waters. Just like that day on the sea with the wacky disciples who were freaking out because of a storm in a row boat. LOL-like we wouldn’t! Peace! Be still! Get the picture?

How well do you know God? The men in the boat had seen more miracles then we have and yet they were troubled. Look at the difference in those same men after the Holy Ghost was poured out on them in the book of Acts. So my thought is that if we would read more of the Word and pray more in the Spirit, keep our minds on Him, there may be a tad bit less troubling.

He didn’t promise we’d be without trouble in this life. He said He would empower us to overcome the trouble. Jesus was familiar with trouble, but He showed us how to overcome that trouble. Instead of waking from his nap in the boat and confirming their fear, He simply spoke to the storm, “Peace! Be still!”

Stop talking about the storm or the trouble and begin to speak to the trouble or storm. He empowered you to overcome. He said that nothing will by any means harm you. So part of the way Satan succeeds at troubling you is the way he gets you to think about it. Cast down those imaginations today!

Thank You for making me aware that my heart is troubled, Lord. I want to get out everything thats standing between me and my peace, between me and my miracle, between me and You. Thats really the bottom line. I want nothing to come between us, Lord. The closer I get to you, the closer I get to heaven on earth.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

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