Who Ordered This?


One of my very favorite verses is one that David penned in Psalm 37:23; The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way. Anyone who knows me has heard me quote this multiple times.

It’s hard to believe that this journey was actually ordered by someone. What was He thinking? Did I actually sign up for this? Yes, why yes I did! The moment I made Jesus Lord of my life, I said yes to His will and ways. I allowed Him full access to my life and allowed Him to take me on a journey that would best suit His plans for me in His Kingdom.

Remember Joseph with his coat of many colors? Now that was a trip! I’m pretty sure when he was on his journey, he probably felt some of the same things we do at times. Tricks and traps, slavery and prison, hurt and betrayal, never looked a thing like the dreams God had given him. But he knew his covenant and trusted God’s plans.

If it was something he could have done on his own, he wouldn’t have needed God. But his trust in God’s plan made every dream a reality. God simply took him on a path he could not walk down alone. His paths and plans may be unfamiliar, crooked and rough, but it is to simply prepare us for a deeper level of trust in Him.

Father, I trust in You. With all my heart I seek You. You alone are my strength and shield, to You alone may my spirit yield. You alone are my hearts desire and I long to worship You. As I rest in Your loving arms this morning, I thank you for the cadence of your heartbeat. All the unknowns and the unfamiliar is hidden in the thing I’m most accustomed to; Your love.

I will end my week with a note of encouragement to you, my dear friends. If the road you’re on looks strange, unfamiliar and uncomfortable, you’re on the right road. If in the distance you see the image of a fellow traveler, shout out to them, “Keep going! You’re almost there!”

May His Kingdom come and His will be done in us, in the earth, on our journey.

Sandy G

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