Strength To Finish


“So take a new grip with your tired hands and stand firm on your shaky legs. Mark out a straight path for your feet. Then those who follow you, though they are weak and lame, will not stumble and fall but will become strong.” Heb 12:12-13.

It’s easy to focus on wrong things but that’s not where our eyes should be. Our eyes should be on Jesus who ran the race, took the prize and sits at the Fathers right hand forever!

But what about the times when you’ve hung on so long that your hands get tired and you’re about to fall? Invite someone to help you. If you can’t find anyone in the flesh, give a shout out to Jesus. He’s always available, always a help in time of trouble, will never leave you or forsake you. He’ll be your strength in times of weakness, your shelter in the storm. He’s my ‘go to’ guy every moment of every day.

I trust Him with my husband. I trust Him with my children. I trust Him with my grandchildren. I trust Him with my problems. I trust Him with my finances. I trust Him for discernment. I trust Him for my peace. I trust Him with my provision. I trust Him when I’m weary. I trust Him with my everything.

And because I trust Him in all of that, I can praise Him for the blessings even when they seem a long ways off. I praise Him that He’s watching over what I’ve committed to His care. I thank Him for dark times, because it makes me appreciate the light. I thank Him for the seed time, because I know harvest is inevitable.

Let’s give thanks for the blessings we have and trust God to complete the good work He began in us. We never know who’s following us, watching us, gaining strength from our journey. Winners don’t quit! They simply find a way to keep moving, to cross the finish line. Winning doesn’t mean being first, it means finishing.

Until Tomorrow I will finish strong!

Sandy G


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